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SafetyBarrierManager supports SVG

Since Version 3.2, SafetyBarrierManager supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). When saving a graph (see also the post about the lack of printing options), you can now choose the option “svg”. The big advantage of svg graphics is that they remain sharp and crisp, even when they are scaled up or down by large factors. Microsoft®… Read More »

SafetyBarrierManager Update 3.2 (October 2019)

SafetyBarrierManager Update 3.2 has been issued. Most of the changes are “under the hood”. The only “notable” change is that SafetyBarrierManager now supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Not only can you save the graphics as SVG files, but also the HTML exports use SVG. SafetyBarrierManager let you share the results of your analysis as HTML… Read More »

SafetyBarrierManager version 3

Version 3 of SafetyBarrierManager has been released. Web-publishing SafetyBarrierManager version 3 contains a major new feature: “SafetyBarrierIViewer”. It is the possibility to generate web pages with the safety-barrier diagrams and all related information. Al the information that can be accessed through the original windows application is also accessible in the web page, that is, when… Read More »

New version 2.1 is released (September 2016)

An intermediate new version of both SafetyBarrierManager and SafetyBarrierViewer has been issued. Apart from  some bugfixes, the following improvements have been included: New projects The “New Project” button now leads the user through an intuitive process of starting a new project. The new project is either based on a template, an existing project or built completely from scratch.… Read More »

DTU has transferred copyright to Nicestsolution

On March 21st, 2016, the agreement was signed by the President of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), professor, dr.techn. Anders Bjarklev, and the proprietor of Nicestsolution, Nijs Jan Duijm, M.Sc., that transfers the copyright and ownership of the software “SafetyBarrierManager” to Nicestsolution. From now on, Nicestsolution will take over the support to current licensees as well… Read More »

Version 2 is released (October 2015).

Read about the new features in version 2. License holders with an annual license are automatically entitled to use this version. License holders with a perpetual license need to check whether they need to upgrade, according to the upgrade policy. If you have acquired a perpetual license after January 1st, 2015 you are entitled to use this… Read More »