SafetyBarrierManager Update 3.2 (October 2019)

By | 2019-10-20

SafetyBarrierManager Update 3.2 has been issued. Most of the changes are “under the hood”. The only “notable” change is that SafetyBarrierManager now supports Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Not only can you save the graphics as SVG files, but also the HTML exports use SVG. SafetyBarrierManager let you share the results of your analysis as HTML files. These HTML files are much smaller when using SVG and, more important, the graphics can be zoomed in and out without limitation, staying clear and crisp. Try one of the examples from the Gallery, such as the ExampleProject.

The changes “under the hood” are also important: the quantification using Binary Decision Diagrams has been re-programmed as part of the core code. DLL-files are no longer needed, and the calculations are much faster. And it prepares for the future development of dynamic risk analysis, which will be integrated in the shareable HTML exports.

To get SafetyBarrierManager go to the Download page – the un-registered version limits editing of larger projects, but it has all other functionalities.