SafetyBarrierManager supports SVG

By | 2019-12-16

Since Version 3.2, SafetyBarrierManager supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

When saving a graph (see also the post about the lack of printing options), you can now choose the option “svg”. The big advantage of svg graphics is that they remain sharp and crisp, even when they are scaled up or down by large factors. Microsoft® Office 365 allows you to drop svg graphics in e.g. Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Did you ever try to zoom in on a detailed graphic in a pdf file? Very probable the small text remained unreadable – this is over when using svg. The resolution of svg graphics is endless. Although it neither was nor is good practice to insert graphics that cannot be read at page size, svg overcomes a bit of the disadvantage.

The html-export of SafetyBarrierManager uses svg too. Also here it allows endless zooming in and out, and improves user interaction. Visit the examples in the Gallery and try for yourself.