Known software bugs in current version

Known bugs in version 3.2.2604 (current)

Since version 3.2, the calculation does not work if the decimal separator in the local settings is a comma (,) in stead of a dot (.). The program does not notify the error (the probabilities are simply not updated). The error has been identified and will be solved with the next update. If necessary, an unofficial update can be provided (not verified). An other work-around is to change the local settings so that the decimal separator is a dot (UK or US settings).

The context sensitive help for elements in the Main Window (key F1) does not always jump to the right section, but remains at the Main Window item. No satisfactory solution has been found sofar.

Known bugs in version 3.2.1206

The “Save image as svg” does not produce correct svg files if names of some objects include reserved mark-up characters (&, <, >, “, ‘). this bug does not affect the html-export (stand-alone svg, i.e. xml, is less “forgiving” then embedded svg in html). Work around: 1) avoid the reserved mark-up characters in the names, or 2) edit the svg file manually (eg. using Notepad++) and replace the reserved mark-up characters by the corresponding named entities (so “&” by “&amp; “, “<” by “&lt; “, “>” by “&gt; “, ” ” ” by “&quot; ” and ” ‘ ” by “&apos; ” respectively, including the semicolon). This is solved in version 3.2.1603.

Known bugs in version 3.0.0610

The vertical distance between nodes in an event tree has a maximum. This limit is removed in version 3.1.1102.

The “Edit Project” menu item and tool button remains disabled when the program is started by double clicking a project file in Windows explorer. This is solved in version 3.1.1102.

Known bugs in version 3.0.0600

An error occurs when removing a condition that is not linked but still visible in a diagram. When editing “new” elements in edit forms, the “remove” button shall be disabled; this is nto the case in all forms (e.g. form to edit gates). These issues are solved in version 3.0.0610

Known bugs in version 3.0.0530

When opening menu item “Options – Colors and Sizes” an error may appear. Data input may not work properly. This seems to occur when there is no “SafeBarOptions.txt” file in the user’s Application folder (typically AppData/Roaming/SafetyBarrierManager). Most projects have options included, and such file is created when the option “Save options locally” in the Options menu is ticked. However, the template files do not include options, and in those cases the problem may be persistent. Work-around is to ensure the “Safe options locally” is ticked, and then open a project with options included (options will be included in the project when the “Save options in Project” is ticked), e.g. one of the example projects included in the installation, and then close the program. That should create the necessary file “SafeBarOptions.txt”. In the next update it will be ensured that this bug is removed. These issue is solved in version 3.0.0600

Known bugs in version 3.0.0510

There is a serious error which causes:

  1. the program to fail when double-clicking the associated file type in Windows explorer (*.sbmx file types)
  2. the program to fail when the user has previously loaded custom terminologies

A new version will be uploaded within the next 48 hours (posted 2017-12-14). This issue is solved in version 3.0.0530

Known bugs in version 3.0.0400

The “automatic spacing” feature when showing Measures in the graph (main menu – View) creates too much space around elements with measures. This feature will be redesigned in the next update. This issue is solved in version 3.0.0510

Known bugs in version 2.1.1716

  • None sofar – please use the contact form to notify bugs.

Known bugs in version 2.1.1400

  • Problem opening or correctly presenting old files that contain objects with almost the same names and/or written with non-ANSI characters. This issue is solved in version 2.1.1716

Known bugs in version 2.1.0800

  • The program may still freeze during editing or changing objects, as described under the issue in version 2.0.1403. We found that this occurs when one creates an object after having edited an object with the same edit form. This is caused by a temporary memory block not being put to “nill”. There is no satisfying work-around, one has to close the program and the changes since last save will be lost. One may retrieve the auto-saved backup. This issue is solved in version 2.1.1400.
  • It appears that when creating a new “Barrier Type”, the new item does not appear in the list in the “Edit Project” form. Work around: close and reopen the Edit Project form. This issue is solved in version 2.1.1400.

Known bugs in version 2.0.1403

  • We have been made aware that during editing or changing of objects (e.g. copying of objects) once in a while the program freezes. We suspect this issue to be caused by interference with the AutoSave action. We are currently rewriting this feature and hope that this will solve the problem. This issue is attempted solved in version 2.1.0800.
  • In the “Edit Barriers” form, “Measures” tab, the management measures that are linked to a barrier through a generic barrier (which are marked “INHERITED” )are not refreshed when editing another barrier that has no generic barrier attached to it. This bug becomes visible using the “ARAMISexample with links.xml” file that is included in the installation package. The barrier “PRV on top” is an instance of the generic barrier “Pressure RV”, that has the measure “Test of PRV”. After visiting the “measures” tab, closing the “Edit Barriers” form and opening this form for another barrier, the “Test of PRV” will still be listed in the list of measures. When trying to remove, one will get an error like “Access violation at address … ” Press OK and continue. The bug has no effect on the actual list of measures for a barrier, as can be see when displaying the measures in the graph. This issue is solved in version 2.1.0800.