About SafetyBarrierManager

SafetyBarrierManager is a software tool that supports risk analysis  by using safety-barrier diagrams. Safety-barrier diagrams show how safety barriers prevent accidents and how they improve safety in a clear and transparent way. SafetyBarrierManager shows how risks are controlled. The diagrams are easy to understand. But at the same time, SafetyBarrierManager makes it possible to do a full risk assessment of complex operations.Safety-barrier diagram for a tank-filling operation

SafetyBarrierManager allows you to:

  • Describe accident scenarios in the form of safety-barrier diagrams
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative assessments of accident scenarios
  • Manage the documentation of foreseeable hazards, safety barriers and risk reducing measures.
  • Combine the contribution of various risk sources into high-level risk parameters for complete installations or operations.
  • Extract tables with barriers, consequences, mitigating actions and more
  • Include links to other resources, such as on-line drawings or procedures
  • Publish safety-barrier diagrams an all other documentation and results directly on the web

The graphical way of performing Layer-Of-Protection-Analysis

SafetyBarrierManager is the graphical implementation of Layer-Of-Protection-Analysis (LOPA). It is a tool with integrated fault-tree and event-tree assessment. It calculates the expected frequencies of the accident scenarios. It gives direct input to quantified risk analysis. Safety-barrier diagrams are very similar to bow-tie diagrams, but more versatile.

Why did we develop SafetyBarrierManager?

  • Safety-barrier diagrams have proven to be one of the best ways of communicating risk analysis
  • Most safety-barrier diagrams are constructed in MS Excel® or drawn by hand;
  • A software tool can easily switch between graphics to show overview and relations, and texts with detailed information. This is much better than either a hardcopy barrier diagram or a descriptive method (like the Layer Of Protection Analysis forms)
  • It is easy to extract information about safety barriers, events, safety measures, etc. in tabular form
  • By forcing the analysist to work within a logical framework, the tool will guide towards correct and consistent risk analysis

Download SafetyBarrierManager

Download the free unregistered version for a try. The download includes a number of example projects and templates for starting new risk analysis projects.

More features are described on the Features page. Examples of how safety-barrier diagram projects can be published on the web can be seen through the Gallery.

Last modified: 2019-11-09