Pricing and Policy


We offer one-year (annual) licenses and perpetual licenses are. Perpetual licenses cover the current version only, we offer discounts for upgrading to newer versions, see below. One-year or annual licenses include automatic upgrading to the latest version. One-year licenses are automatically renewed and due for payment unless the holder of the license notifies the licensor (Nicestsolution or your local representative) 3 months before the license is due for its annual renewal.

The license costs depend on the number of users, as in the table below. Prices are exclusive of VAT (25% VAT may be due in the EU member states).

The license covers the use of the full “SafetyBarrierManager” software. The “SafetyBarrierViewer” software is free for use by anyone. This means that licenses only need to cover the users that need to edit safety-barrier diagram projects.

Number of users 0ne-year Perpetual 0ne-year Perpetual
1 200 500 1480 3700
2 360 900 2664 6660
3 488 1220 3611 9028
4 590 1476 4369 10922
5 672 1681 4975 12438
6 738 1845 5460 13650
7 790 1976 5848 14620
8 832 2081 6158 15396
9 866 2164 6407 16017
10 893 2232 6605 16514
More than 10 900 2250 6660 16650

Users are entitled to run the software on two (2) machines each (see the help file for details on changing equipment).


The license includes some support: Per license, 2 hours of support per year are offered for a one year license; and 4 hours in total for a perpetual license. Support does not increase with more users.

Change of users (removing users from the license database) is performed as part of the support, and registered as ½ hour per request.

Policy for upgrading/downgrading licenses

Costs for upgrading a perpetual license to more users amounts to the cost difference according to the pricing table for perpetual licenses with a minimum of 100 € per request;

Costs for upgrading an annual license to more users: the new annual license cost for the total number of users will be charged  at time of request  as an advance payment for the next license period (i.e. payment will cover the remaining part of the present license period as well as the next license period )

Annual licenses can be downgraded to fewer users by notifying the licensee 3 months before the annual renewal is due.

Discount policy for upgrading perpetual licenses

  1. When a new version of SafetyBarrierManager is issued, all perpetual license holders that acquired a license or license upgrade within 6 (six) months prior to the release of the new version, will automatically be upgraded to the new version.
  2. Other perpetual license holders will be offered a discount depending on the time since they acquired a license (or license upgrade) and their request for upgrade to the latest version. At the time of upgrade, the license holder may select a different number of users; the discount is given on the costs for the new license, irrespective the number of users for the earlier license. One may also choose to move to an annual license agreement.
Time between acquiring a perpetual license or perpetual license upgrade and request for upgrade to latest version: Discount on perpetual license Move to annual license: Discount on first year annual license
less than 12 months 80% 50%
less than 18 months 60% None
less than 24 months 40% None
More than 24 months 20% None

SafetyBarrieriViewer domain

Clients that do not have access to a web server to upload the HTML files generated by SafetyBarrierManager, can get access to their own webfolder. This webfolder will typically have an URL like “<client’s name>”.  All barrier-diagram projects uploaded to this folder through SafetyBarrierManager will get their own subfolder.

Holders of an annual license can get one folder (with no limit to the number of projects or subfolders) for free. Holders of a perpetual license can obtain a folder for 50€ /370 DKK excl. VAT per year. The time used by Nicestsolution to administrate the folder will be taken from the support budget, each request (e.g. updating or changing passwords) will be registered as ½ hour.