Virus detection interference

We make a reasonable effort to avoid virus infection of our software.

False positive detection

We have experienced false virus detections (false positive detections) of the SafetyBarrierManager installation files by a number of virus protection services. We follow up on this by requesting, to the extent possible, to investigate and whitelist our software. None of our requests for whitelisting have been refused so far.

Some virus protection services protect against new software that is not frequently downloaded, like SafetyBarrierManager. Most services will show warnings but will probably allow the user to run the software. Please inform us in case you experience problems.

If your virus protection blocks SafetyBarrierManager

If you experience that our software is blocked by your virus protection, please contact us (using the contact form) informing us of the version you want to install, the name and version of your virus protection and, if possible a description of the apparent “virus” that is detected, so that we can assess whether our software is compromised or we need to submit a false positive report.

Check sum values

You may want to check the hash values of the installer files.

Hash Values

Installation fileMD5 HashSHA-1 HashSHA-256 Hash