This page presents a gallery of diagrams, uploaded as web pages. SafetyBarrierManager can directly generate and upload such web pages. The example safety-barrier diagrams show different features of SafetyBarrierManager and ways of modeling accident scenarios.

  • ExampleProject presents the combined risk assessment for a run-away reaction and overfilling of a storage tank. It demonstrates the use of Risk Reducing Measures.
  • PassingVesselCollisionEventTree presents an event tree for the collision of a passing ship with some offshore installation. It shows the use of event-tree elements. Event-tree elements are also used to model conditional probabilities (such as the fatality rate for some hazardous consequence). The example also demonstrates how the same basic model can be used to model different types of consequences simultaneously, in this case fatality risk and risk of damage to assets. All consequences are shown in the risk matrix. The summation of results leads to a value for individual fatality risk (Updated 2017-08-11)

Last modified: 2017-08-11